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    Talent development

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    Human resources are the first resource of an enterprise. We should vigorously implement the strategy of invigorating the enterprise with human resources and comprehensively promote the development of human resources and personnel. Focus on building an efficient management team, cultivating a superb technical team, to build a first-class staff team three teams.

    • Build an effective management team

    • Cultivate a skilled technical team

    • Build a first-class staff team

    Core of talent strategy

    The construction of the talent system follows the "twelve words" principle: attract, retain, educate and use well

    • introducer

      Based on the competency model, the ability of the candidates is evaluated and matched

    • In cultured human

      Construct the training course system and improve the staff's quality through training

    • Use good people

      Conduct personnel turnover and promotion based on post competency matching results

    • Keep people

      Based on capability assessment, determine functional level and support the compensation system based on functional level

    Talent strategy

    Management of the channel
    • director
    • manager
    • director
    • Commissioner
    Management of the channel
    • The chief engineer
    • Senior engineer
    • Intermediate engineer
    • Junior engineer
    • Assistant engineer

    Incentive mechanism

    Based on performance and results, we should establish a "three-in-one" assessment and incentive mechanism for the short, medium and long term, promote the refinement of the compensation system, and enable employees to share the achievements of the company's operation and development, so as to achieve common development.

    • short period

      Performance rewards - amoeba bonuses

    • metaphase

      EVA (economic added value) share the rewards

    • long-term

      The option incentive

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